Midas – Every Touch is Gold – Curry, Baked Roti Prata and Puff

The Food Photography and Menu Design for Midas Food stall.
I enjoyed the process of creating this menu with the owner, brains storming the idea, the theme and colour, the menu content, and the good things of Sax ( the owner ), who is trusting me by saying “I believe in you, please use your photography feel and eyes to design it”,
and later I find out he is actually an experience Art Director 🙂

I’m glad we can make this menu, and he told me, I got this job because he can see my passion in photography.

Please visit Midas stall at
51 Yishun Ave 11 Yishun Park Hawker Centre 01-31
768867 Singapore

Please try the Master Chicken Curry with Baked Roti Prata
My Recommendation, the Chicken Curry is tender and the Prata is delicious

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